LCHS Adoption Process

Thank You For Choosing To Adopt!kidsndog.jpg
Congratulations on your decision to adopt a shelter dog or cat. Every year, ten million healthy animals in the United States. Three thousand in Licking County alone will be euthanized because of a lack of good homes. Your decision to adopt a shelter pet makes you part of the solution to this tragedy, sets an example for others and saves an animal from uncertain fate. Be proud of your decision — we are!

Are You Ready?
Animals are not disposable and require a lifetime commitment. Please give careful consideration to the following:
Dogs and cats can live 15 years or more. Are you prepared to keep and care for an animal for the reminder of its life?

Pets require food, water, shelter, vaccines, yearly exams, monthly preventative care and other veterinary care. Proper care can add up. Are you ready for the additional expenses of caring for a pet?

Pets require time, training, patience and adjustments to your lifestyle. Are you ready for the additional responsibility of caring for a pet?

Are your other pets current on vaccines and health care? Do all your dogs have a current license?

Choosing a Pet
It’s important to think carefully about your lifestyle and choose a pet that’s a good match for you and your family. Too often, we "fall in love with a cute face,", only to be disappointed when we realize the animal we have selected is too active, sedate or challenging for our household. To learn about an animal, speak with shelter staff, ask to review the pet’s assessment form or speak with their foster caretaker. (To speak with a foster caretaker, we ask that you complete a Contact Request Form and a caretaker will respond to you promptly.)

How Does the Adoption Process Work?
1.) Complete and submit an application. It’s important you fill out the application completely— incomplete applications are the number one reason for delays/denials in the process. Applications are available at the shelter or online: Adoption Application.

2.) Once you’ve submitted your application, we will contact the references you’ve listed. Please be sure this information is accurate and that you included the correct phone number. If you are a renter, your landlord will be contacted for approval.  If you have other pets, we do verify that they are current on immunizations.

3.) In some cases, LCHS may request to make a home visit to your house. There are many reasons why this may happen and should not be cause for concern on the part of the adopter. LCHS will make every effort to accommodate these requests. LCHS recommends that if you have another dog at your home, that you bring it to the shelter to see if the animals will get along with each other on the day of the adoption. Nothing is more disappointing than to learn that your dogs don't like each other!

4.) Please note that filling out an application does not guarentee that you will be adopting the pet.  There may be other applicants or circumstances that are a better fit for a pet.

5)Once the approval and matching process is complete, you will be contacted to arrange to pick up your animal at the shelter.  Adopters are expected to take custody within 48 hours. We do not hold dogs or cats under any circumstances.

The approval process can take place in a day, or may take longer, depending on availability of your references. If you have not received a response on your application within 48 hours, contact the shelter at (740) 323-2100 or email to report the problem.