Neglected Seniors Need your Help!-Goal Reached-THANK YOU!

Last weekend, LCHS received 6 dogs into care from a serious neglect case.  The dogs are all seniors except for 1 Jack Russell Terrier. They came from a home where the homeowner had passed away and those left caring for the dogs were not doing so.  They are horribly under weight. All were flea infested with hair loss and skin irritation.  5 of them need dentals with extractions.  The pug must have both eyes removed due to painful disease.  The boxer has several large masses that need to be evaluated and removed, and also needs urogenital surgery.  One of the Doxie’s has no lower jaw.  The vet bills on these fur friends are going to be about $2000 in all.  If you would like to help these wonderful seniors, please consider a donation today.