LCHS Programs : Foster Care

Thank You For Choosing To Foster!


Congratulations on your decision to foster an LCHS dog or cat. Every year, ten million healthy animals in the United States - three thousand in Licking County alone - will be euthanized due to a lack of good homes. Your decision to provide foster care makes you part of the solution to this tragedy, sets an ex-ample for others, and saves an animal from uncertain fate. Be proud of your decision—we are!

What Is Foster?

The Foster Program consists of a unique and elite group of volunteers. Foster caretakers open their homes and hearts to house animals in a safe, healthy, caring environment for a temporary period of time until a permanent adoptive home can be found. Caretakers work with LCHS to vigorously and responsibly pursue expedient placement and delivery of a well matched companion animal to an adoptive family. The goal of foster is to save the life of an animal by supplying proper supportive care in the way of socialization, medical care, grooming, exercise, attention and basic needs in an effort to provide a healthy, balanced pet. Foster is a critical bridge between surrender and permanent adoption.

Foster homes play a crucial role in rehabilitating displaced animals. They are in a unique position to help abused or neglected animals learn how to love and trust again. Foster homes can help these animals become more "adoptable" by providing socialization and basic training. Through teaching or re-teaching an animal how to live in a home setting, foster homes help ensure a smooth and successful transition into a permanent adoptive home.

Are You Ready?

When considering Foster Care, please give careful consideration to the following: Foster animals affect the entire household. Is the whole family in agreement to foster? What impact will fostering have on your current pets?

Foster animals need promotion and exposure. Are you able and willing to actively participate in the promotion of your foster pet? Will you be able to provide pictures, be reasonably available to contact potential adopters to answer questions about the pet, make the animal reasonably available for viewing, and occasionally attend promotional/exposure events?

Foster animals may be more susceptible to disease due to stress brought on by the shelter environment or rapid life changes taking place. Are your other pets current on vaccines and health care? Do all your dogs have a current license?

Foster animals may need some additional vetting to prepare them for their new home. Are you able to transport your foster animal to an LCHS authorized vet?

The day will come when you reach your goal—and your foster animal will go to it's new home. How will you feel about saying goodbye?

How Do I Become A Foster Caretaker?

1.) Complete and submit an application. It’s important you fill out the application completely—incomplete applications are the number one reason for delays in the process. Applications are available at the shelter or online. Download a PDF of the application here.

2.) The Foster Coordinator will call you to discuss your application.

3.) Once the approval process is complete, the Foster Coordinator will consider your capabilities and preferences to match you with a suitable animal. You will be contacted when we have an animal in need of foster care. The approval process can take place in a day, or may take longer.


To learn more about becoming an animal foster parent, please download the PDF of our pet fostering manual here.