Who We Are: Licking County Humane Society (LCHS)

Mission Statement:
The Licking County Humane Society seeks to improve the lives of animals and people through advocacy, education, and support.

Our Vision
All animals live free of cruelty and neglect and all companion animals are valued members of a loving family.

Our Core Values

We treat animals and people with respect, empathy, and kindness. We listen and respond to the needs of people who surrender animals to us, adopt from us, report abuse to us, use our services, support us, work for us, volunteer for us, and to other animal welfare organizations that turn to us for help. We treat all of our animals as if they were our own pets, while recognizing that they have endured a loss or they wouldn’t be in our care.

We rescue and care for abused, neglected, homeless and abandoned animals. We treat, heal, and rehabilitate the animals entrusted to our care. We provide the highest standard of care for our animals while working to safeguard the health and well being of our shelter.

We stand resolute in maintaining an environment of transparency, accountability, and high ethical and professional standards in working to fulfill every aspect of our mission. We are honest and have an unwavering focus on good stewardship of life and resources.

Our mission is only achieved with the collaborative efforts of our community, staff, and volunteers. Our staff and volunteers are critical to our mission’s success and as such, we promise to provide them with a supportive environment. We understand that helping animals is accomplished by helping people and as such, we work daily to provide programming and services that directly impact people and pets in a positive way.

2017 How We Used Our Funds

  • Program Expenses: $653,915
  • Management & General: $144,696
  • Fundraising (Direct Costs): $120,218
  • Total: $918,829

2017 Where Our Funds Come From

  • Programs: $383,543
  • Contributions/grants/contracts/gifts: $327,699
  • Other Revenue: $386,415
  • Investments Income: $165,077
    • Total: $1,262,734
2017 Total year end net assets: $3,070,009.00

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